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Buying Lead Details

Buying Lead Details

Buying Lead Description

Buying Lead Description

We are looking for urea for Nigeria
1) Price of fertilizer will be 500 USD PMT.

2) For Urea shipment,

Kindly note that as per prevailing rate, the freight comes in the range of about 36 USD--- 32 USD range PMT.

This is based on following presumption. Any changes from current presumption will change the freight .


1. There is no draft restrictions in load or discharge port. Only at our port here, discharge port, max draft is 12.50 mtrs

2. Cargo quantity is minimum 35,000 MT. lesser the quantity, freight will increase and vice versa.

3. Load rate minimum is 8000 mt per day. If loading rate is faster, freight will reduce.

4. Discharge rate is 6000 mt per day at Nigeria , if discharge rate is faster, freight will reduce.

5. PDA at our port about 25000 usd and at Apappa port about 45,000 usd.

6. Armed guard cost+ Piracy insurance cost is taken roughly 70,000 usd. Any variation at the time shipment will have variation in freight.

Above indication is given in good faith and basis current market rates and valid for one week. Going forward, we do not rule out some variation in freight but do not expect drastic change.

With due respect, May we suggest that once the shipments contract i9s finalized, pls do inform us at least 20-025 days to arrange shipping at lowest possible freight available at that time.

We kindly request you to advise discharge port agent at earliest to have accurate information about port, discharge rate etc to ensure more accuracy.
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