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Request for Freight Agent in Greece athens

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Freight Agent Details
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    Request for freight agent
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    agency enquiry
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    22 Dec 2012
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    NIKAN TARABAR International Transport Company was established in 1372 (1993) in Tehran. Offering effective and secure economical transport services in international area is considered as its main objective. This leading and prestigious international company started its activity in the field of transport coupled with presenting quality forwarding and logistics services in the region. By using its extant facilities, benefiting from skilled and experienced manpower and taking advantage of facilities of group cooperating companies, which are active in the field of international transport logistics services presently, this company is regarded as one of leading forwarding companies in the field of offering high quality transport and logistics services in regional level. We can deliver the following services : • Accurate and on-time delivery of goods and commodities • Carrying and transporting various types of goods from origin to the desired destinations via sea, road • Performing all transport, logistics and forward services both inside and outside the country • Selecting the best and most appropriate transport means for carrying and forwarding goods and commodities to various parts of the world as we have a shipping branch office in Dubai too • Applying the shortest and safest route for transport and forward of goods and commodities • Offering consultation services in the field of customs, transport, and logistics affairs with the aim of reducing cost price of goods especial of traders, businessmen and goods owners, etc. We are so powerful in the following zones : 1- FROM B.ABBAS TO essential borders of Iran to transit the cargo through these borders in & out such as: AGHRI BAR / BAZARGAN BORDER ( IRAN & TURKEY BORDER) ; BASHBAGH & PARVIZKHAN ( IRAN & IRAQ BORDER) ; DOGHAROON ( IRAN & AFGHANISTAN BORDER) ; ASTARA ( IRAN & AZERBAIJAN BORDER) & JOLFA (IRAN & ARMENIA ) 2- Handling of the shipments from B.abbas to dubai in 20’ GP / 40’ GP / 40’ HC and also 20’ OT & 40’ OT 3- Handling of the shipments from B.abbas to PERSIAN GULF PORTS , MIDDLE EAST & FAR EAST and VICE VERSA through our BRANCH SHIPPING COMPANY in Dubai DIRECTLY & TRANSHIPMENT. 4- Capability to handle the LCL,FCL & BULK shipment from any port in CHINA to dubai and B.abbas. CLOSE FUTURE SERVICES: • load & carry the goods from Iran to Turkey through Bazargan border to be delivered to Europe THROUGH SEA / BY SHIP & LAND / BY TRUCK & VICE VERSA. • Transit to other CIS countries such as TURKMENISTAN,UZBEKISTAN,KYRGYZSTAN & …. • International Air services in form of AIR-TO-AIR & AIR-TO-DOOR & DOOR-TO-DOOR We would be very happy to have a very kind reply from a respectful company of yours so that we can have a chance to shake hands with your holding and click a fresh business in between. thanks in advance, alireza kolahi
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