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Offer for Freight Agent in Germany Bremen

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Freight Agent Details
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    Offer for freight agent
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    Agent for all around the globe
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    24 Jul 2013
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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, How do you do today?? Please let me provide you with a company presentation of our forwarding agency Teleo-Logistics GmbH: We as Teleo-Logistics GmbH are located in Bremen, Germany. We can offer you every possible logistical and forwarding service at all places all over the world. This is because we co-operate with a wide network of agents worldwide covering not only the European Union and Switzerland, but also India, Mideast, Far East, North-, Latin- and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. In addition to this, we have developed a very good cooperation with associates in Russia, so that we are in a very good position to offer you the best service on basis of very competitive rates at all places in Russia as well. We operate from all sea- and airports worldwide. As far as Europe hinterland is concerned we can cover Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic etc. Operationally we provide full program of services: FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than container load), Breakbulk, Airfreight, Project Cargo, Inland haulage, Customs import and export handling and all kinds of Warehousing. Teleo-Logistics is unique because we cover all kinds of transports – sea, land and air. Among the services offered by Teleo-Logistics are the transport of goods from various locations to the port of loading, temporary storage at the port (when required) and monitoring of the loading process, which is very important when dealing with specialized goods. In co-operation with our partner in the port of destination, we can also monitor the offloading process. In the following you will find the complete variety of our services: Major activities ● Export (Sea / Air) ● Import (Sea / Air) ● Transit Handling ● Warehousing ● Clearing Cargoes ● FCL ● LCL ● Conventional ● Ro/Ro ● Bulk and Project Consignments Services ● Warehousing ● Stuffing / Stripping / CFS / Bonded Storage ● Customs Special Handling and Inspections ● Import- / Export- / Transit Customs Clearance ● Organization and Handling of Veterinary Inspections Others ● Special Treatments on Request reliable, lean and efficient Project Support ● Consulting / Site Logistics / Legal Affairs / Labour Supplies / Procurement / Surveys / Steering / Monitoring / Reporting Specialties ● Overseas Pre-/Oncarriage: All European Union States, Scandinavia, Baltic States, UK and Ireland. ● Overland Pre-/Oncarriage: Germany / Inter-European Truck / Rail / Barge / Combined ● Africa Hinterland Traffics For easy communication please note: Teleo-Logistics GmbH Distelkampsweg 34 D-28357 Bremen / Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 421 176658 – 24 Email: Management: Ralf Behrend | MANAGING DIRECTOR - Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Email: Jens Behrend | COMMERCIAL MANAGER - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Email: We as Teleo-Logistics believe, that our customers, agents and associates are the most important part of our business and we are working with clients as partners believing that their success means our success. Our concept is to fulfill the requirements of our customers in the most efficient & economical way possible. Attached you will find a presentation of our company and an article about our company issued in The African Courier in April/May 2012. Please be so kind to send us your requests, so that we can offer you our services. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day. Greetings from Germany Ralf Behrend | MANAGING DIRECTOR Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Teleo-Logistics GmbH Forwarding Agency & Logistics Provider Tel.: +49 (0) 421 176658 – 24 Mob.: +49 (0) 172 439 14 60 Fax.: +49 (0) 3212 28357 – 10 Skype: teleo-logistics.rb Email: Web.: Distelkampsweg 34 * D-28357 Bremen / Germany Managing Director: Ralf Behrend Register Court: Bremen – HRB 27289 HB USt-IdNR / VAT-ID: DE278379708 Wir arbeiten ausschließlich auf Grundlage der Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen, jeweils neuester Fassung. Diese beschränken in Ziffer 23 ADSp die gesetzliche Haftung für Güterschäden nach § 431 HGB für Schäden im speditionellen Gewahrsam auf 5,-- Euro/kg, bei multimodalen Transporten unter Einschluss einer Seebeförderung auf 2 SZR/kg sowie ferner je Schadenfall bzw. -ereignis auf 1 Mio. bzw. 2 Mio. Euro oder 2 SZR/kg, je nachdem, welcher Betrag höher ist. Ergänzend wird vereinbart, dass (1) Ziffer 27 ADSp weder die Haftung des Spediteurs noch die Zurechnung des Verschuldens von Leuten und sonstigen Dritten abweichend von gesetzlichen Vorschriften wie § 507 HGB, Art. 25 MÜ, Art. 36 CIM, Art. 20, 21 CMNI zu Gunsten des Auftraggebers erweitert, (2) der Spediteur als Verfrachter in den in § 512 Abs. 2 Nr. 1 HGB aufgeführten Fällen des nautischen Verschulden oder Feuer an Bord nur für eigenes Verschulden haftet und (3) der Spediteur als Frachtführer im Sinne der CMNI unter den in Art. 25 Abs. 2 CMNI genannten Voraussetzungen nicht für nautisches Verschulden, Feuer an Bord oder Mängel des Schiffes haftet. We operate exclusively in accordance with the latest version of the Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen - ADSp - (German Freight Forwarders' General Terms and Conditions). These limit in clause 23 ADSp the legal liability for damage to goods in case of damage to goods whilst in the care of a forwarder to € 5/kg, in ac-cordance with Art. 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB); in case of multimodal transports including sea transport to 2 SDR/kg. In addition the liability is limited to € 1 Million per damage respectively to € 2 Million per event or 2 SDR/kg whichever is the greater. The parties agree subsidiary, that (1) clause 27 ADSp does neither extend the liability nor the responsibility of the forwarder for agents, servants, employ-ees or crewmembers beyond legal regulations as Art. 507 HGB, Art. 25 MC, Art. 36 CIM, Art. 20, 21 CMNI for the benefit of the principal, (2) the freight forwarder as a sea carrier is only liable for fault of his own part in case of risks provided in Art. 512 paragraph 2 no. 1 HGB such as default in navigation of the ship or fire on board and (3) the freight forwarder as a carrier defined in CMNI is relieved of liability in compli-ance with the requirements provided in Art. 25 paragraph 2 CMNI such as default in navigation of the ship, fire on board or defects of vessel.
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