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Request for Freight Agent in Indonesia indonesia

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    Request for freight agent
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    17 Sep 2013
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    We have the pleasure to introduce to your goodselves Mondial Logistics Shipping Agency(Egypt), mainly extending Shipping Agency Services and Logistics for Vessels transiting the Suez Canal and calling any of the Egyptian Ports. Our activities extend to attending all types of Ships transiting the Suez Canal and calling all the Egyptian Ports for Cargo Operations and Logistics Purposes. Please find here below our main activities:- • Agency for all Type / Size of Vessels. • International Freight Forwarding / Logistics Services. • Complete Air / Sea Freight export documentation, consolidation and handling. • Crew Changes (Sign On / Sign Off / Visas / Hotels / Air Tickets / Shore Passes / Etc...). • Security Officers (Embarkation & Disembarkation) • Storage ( Weapons & Ammunition) • Parcels & Spare Parts (Clearance & Delivery / Clearance & Forwarding). • Warehousing, packing, inventory, storage, bonded. • Bunkers & Lubricants (Stem / Supply / Following-up / Etc...). • loading Crude Oil (all Red Sea Ports) • Fresh Water Supply. • Cash Delivery. • Provisions & Stores Supply. • Slops / Sludge / Garbage Removal. • Repairs. • Medical Assistance. • Following-up with Workshops & Contractors / Etc… • Marine Surveys arrangements. Mondial Logistics Shipping Agency (Egypt) has realized the importance of having highly qualified staff who contribute to perform with professionalism meeting our principals' expectations and requirements. As International Freight Forwarders we are member of FIATA and EIFFA (Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association), licensed to handle import / export LCL shipments and consolidated B/L, accordingly you may consign your shipments to us For this reason Mondial Logistics Shipping Agency (Egypt) has highly qualified Staff whose experience extend over many years in the field of Shipping Business and in particular the Shipping Agency field maintaining excellent relations with all concerned parties. A result of their long experience our staff is fully aware of the Suez Canal and Egyptian Ports Operations, therefore they are able to act in a proper way avoiding unnecessary burdens for our Principals. Aiming at satisfying our customers, we always provide our Clients with accurate Estimations both for Suez Canal Transit and for Cargo Operations Calls. Our estimates are reflecting the actual Traffic Fees and include all Ministerial Decrees issued in this respect. Our offices are equipped with a modern communication system enabling our customers to contact our Staff 24/7 when urgent matters require speedy reaction. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any inquiry or assistance you may need in our area.
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