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Freight Shipping Rate Request from Australia SYDNEY to Kenya NAIROBI

Freight quote request for shipping "ALARM SYSTEMS" from Australia to Kenya was published on 20 May 2015.

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Request Details
  • Shipping Mode:
  • Commodity/Cargo Name:
  • Total Estimated Weight:
    126 Kg
  • Packaging:
    Pallet ISO 44.88" x 44.88"
  • Quantity:
  • Type of Cargo
  • Cargo Insurance?
  • Departure Location:
    Australia - SYDNEY
  • Delivery Location:
    Kenya - NAIROBI
  • Pick Up Date:
    25 May 2015
  • More Details:
    There is a shipment of goods that we would like you to handle for us. The goods are in the form of an alarm system and are currently in New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. We would like you to QUOTE CIF NAIROBI, KENYA.
    The consignment is in two pallets, with a total weight of 126Kgs. See the breakdown of weight and measurements below:

    a. Pallet 1: Boxes 1 -4 @ 14kg each have 1 master and 3 slave control units inc power packs and batteries
    Measurements: 120x120x32 total weight inc pallet 71kg

    b. Pallet 2: Boxes 5 -14 @ 4kg each having speakers / cables
    Measurements: 120x120x38 total weight inc pallet 55kg