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Freight Shipping Rate Request from India Visakhapatnam to Turkey Istanbul

Freight quote request for shipping "Fly Ash" from India to Turkey was published on 07 Jul 2014.

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Request Details
  • Shipping Mode:
  • Commodity/Cargo Name:
    Fly Ash
  • Total Estimated Weight:
    110 Mts
  • Packaging:
  • Quantity:
  • Type of Cargo
  • Cargo Insurance?
  • Departure Location:
    India - Andhra Pradesh - Visakhapatnam
  • Delivery Location:
    Turkey - Istanbul - Istanbul
  • Pick Up Date:
    15 Jul 2014
  • More Details:
    The commodity is Fly Ash and will be packed in 1-ton jumbo bags. Each container will hold approx 22 MT.