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Interview with Sudhakar Shetty : How you see the status of Logistics and Freight Forwarding in your region?

August 25 2013 at 10:39 AM
Sudhakar Shetty

First of all would you please give a brief introduction of your company?

WWW.SSTRANSLAND.COM 20 Yerars of experience in Total Logistics Solution. Previous JOB : GAC Group - Marketing & Operation/Key Accounts Handling - Project

What are the Problems that you encounter in your business in this region?

Competition , although I am getting biz from old & new clients.

Does world financial crisis affect your business?

UK / Europe biz not growing.

What are the advantages of your company compared to other companies in this region?

We are providing competitive freight rate from India to Africa, USA, Middle East/Upper Gulf, Med ports, Far East (Malaysia), Vietnam, Canada, & UK/Europe ( import & Export). Special rate from Netherland to India. Door to Door Freight Service..

How you see Wtleads? How Wtleads can help Logistics and Freight Forwarding companies to grow their business fast and safe?

via network

Why you chose Wtleads network for developing your business?

Once we got new biz through you then will revert.

With so many years experiences that you have in Logistics Industry , would you please describe about situation of Logistics industry in your country?

Logistics Industry developing day by day, most of the employee are now Employer hence competition increased in trade.

What are the main factors that are very important in managing a Logistics Company?

RVRT next time.

If Wtleads ask you to say one sentence about Wtleads, what will be your sentence?

Thanks for your interviews system, Give support to all new guys/Gals, kindly forward right inquiry to your supporters.

Thank you sir for participating in this Interview.We hope to see your company to grow faster and with best wishes for you. Thanks.


What is your planning for next 2-3 years?

We require worldwide own offices " SS Transland Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd" SS Transland Group. Provide training to new employees, Social work, Helping to poor people, Education development & etc. We also doing export/import as a Trader. Expecting your support to our new venture.

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