Container Shipping and Break Bulk differences

From whole goods transported via ocean, only 5 percent is transported by air and 95 percent moves by ship. For example most of the products manufactured in china are transported by ship to United States.

There are 2 major forms of freight shipping

    1- Containerization (Container Shipping)

    2- Break-Bulk


Containers are in different sizes and can be stacked on board of a cargo ship. Containerization or container shipping is a secure means of cargo shipping overseas. Goods for transport are from different types from spare parts to furniture and other kinds of commodities. Some cargo should be transported in a special temperature and for transporting these kinds of goods  containers with refrigerated systems are used.You can see the list of companies active in container shipping on Wtleads website.

 Container Shipping Companies


Break bulk cargo is non containerized and is usually transported as individual pieces. When the cargoes are over sized and overweight it means that they cannot be accommodated by container. In these cases the cargoes are transported by Break Bulk procedure. 

For shipping items that are not put into the large containers and also are not loose materials, Break Bulk shipping is used. When the cargo is not enough to fill a container, so the cargoes are shipped break bulk such as shipping of consumer goods. With its own packaging, break-bulk items, such as cardboard boxes or bags, get loaded into cargo holds. You can see the list of companies active in Break bulk shipping on Wtleads website.

Break Bulk Companies

Another difference between Container Shipping and Break Bulk is that in container shipping the containers are easily lift on or off the ship at fast speeds but in break bulk shipping it done with low speed because the cargoes in Break Bulk shipping are not containerized are not equipped with the cranes required to hoist the containers.

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