World Cargo and Freight Transportation Statistics
Statistics regarding the volume of cargo transported are compiled by individual governments, the United Nations and a number of private enterprises.

Global Summary of Liner Trade

On the export side, liner trade is dominated by countries in East Asia. Liner exports are also highly concentrated, with the top ten exporting nations accounting for more than two-thirds of the total liner export value, and Greater China (including mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R. and Taiwan, China) account for 28 percent of the value of liner exports and 30 percent of the global volume of containerized exports.

European Union Summary of Liner Trade

On both the export and import side, European Union's liner trade is dominated by Germany, which accounts for 20 percent of EU liner exports and 17 percent of EU liner imports. The top four exporters and importers of the European Union (which include Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) also rank within the top 20 globally.

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•    Over $18.7 trillion dollars worth of goods were exported globally in 2013.

•    The United States exported $2.27 trillion dollars worth of goods and services. in2013. Of that, $1.6 trillion were material goods exports.

•    In 2013, only three countries exported more than a trillion dollars worth of merchandise:
-- China ($2.2 trillion)
-- United States ($1.5 trillion)
-- Germany ($1.4 trillion)

•    In 2012, the EU-28 exported $2.2 trillion dollars worth of goods and imported $2.37 trillion dollars worth of goods.

•    Merchandise exports of EU-28 countries in 2013 was worth $2.2 trillion. The most traded merchandise sectors:
-- Machinery/transport equipment (40.9%)
-- Chemicals (15.8%)
-- Misc. manufactured articles (10.5%)

•    Ships are getting bigger. About 50% of all ships on orderbooks today have capacity of over 10,000 TEUs.

•    As of June 2014, there are about 5,090 container ships in the world. Global TEU capacity is about 17.8 million TEU.

•    The largest cargo plane in the world, the Anatov225, needs a three kilometer runway and can carry 580 tons–that’s 150% the maximum takeoff mass of a Boeing 747.

•    In 2013, revenue for the top 40 global logistics companies was $225.2 billion. This was virtually identical to 2012 revenue.

•    Research shows that only 30% of SME shipping quotes are provided in two days or less. 14% take over four days and over 40% of online quote requests are never responded to.

•    The global contract logistics industry is incredibly fragmented. The top ten forwarders control only 20.4% of the market and the top three control a little over 10% (DHL: 7.7%, K+N:2.1%, CEVA: 2.1%).

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