Freight Transportation up to date information and Tracking Freight Flows

National laboratory of Department of Energy's Oak Ridge has developed a database that can help all transportation and logistics officials to improve highways, railroads… in all of the country.
National laboratory of Department of Energy's Oak Ridge with the financial help of Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and Federal Highway Administration has created the most comprehensive source of data regarding freight transportation in the country.

Anthony Foxx, U.S. Transportation Secretary, announced the release of this updated database known as FAF4. Foxx said that it is a kind of transportation network that can support the freight needs of USA.

Based on the BTS Commodity Flow Surveys, the Department of Transportation updates the framework every five years. By applying sophisticated modeling techniques to this data, researchers try to provide a national picture of freight flows.

By this data, all the information regarding the amount of goods transported by highways, waterways, rails… between states and cities of United States can be determined by users.
On the base of this data , we can see that approximately 17 billion tons of goods were moved by different modes of transportation  in 2012 that trucks with moving 71 percents have the highest goods transport.

The FAF4 database is one of the best tools for anamysing the transportation information.  .

Above information have been derived from the news that had been derived by Oak Ridge National Laboratory   

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