Finding Freight Forwarders, Freight Forwarders Directory, Choosing Freight Forwarders
Freight Forwarder is a person or company that manages shipment of goods, cargo or commodities from one place to another.
We can get all of the transport information from a freight forwarder. For example they can give information about the shipping rates, routs and any other related information. They also can be helpful in preparing the documentations.  According to shipping responsibilities the roles of freight forwarders may vary.

There are some sources that can help you in finding suitable freight forwarders. Online sources like Wtleads (World freight forwarders network).

Choosing a right freight forwarder can save money and time, but choosing a wrong freight forwarder can have negative results.
There are some factors that you should consider when choosing a freight forwarder. In choosing freight forwarders you can ask some questions from freight forwarder such as:
•    That freight forwarder, has an office near your shipping port?
•    Has any experience in handling the products like your products?
•    Has any experience with the carriers that you require?
•    Has good credit?
•    Has favorable shipping rates and transit time?
•    Belong to any professional organization or freight association?
•    Any other questions such as using fair business practices, trustworthiness etc.

For finding freight forwarders in any country you can visit Wtleads freight forwarders directory