Freight Forwarders & Shippers Relationships - How and Why?

The fact is that improving relationships with freight forwarders should be a key factor for global shippers. More relations with freight forwarders should be the first factor and priority for every Shipper.

Shippers are always seeking for top freight intermediaries to help them with risk mitigation and entering the global markets. So finding a good freight forwarder and market consultant is always a challenge for all shippers.

Every shipper should improve its relationships with freight forwarders. The biggest mistake is that some shippers only consider the rates announced by freight forwarders. It is better that the shippers consider the capability of the freight forwarders too such as having partners in helping the transportation and clearance in all destinations.

Using information technology can be very helpful for both shippers and freight forwarders. It can facilitate the communications and relationships between shipper and freight forwarder.