Freight Forwarders' role in exporting and shipping process

Freight Forwarders Role - Freight Forwarders Services

Many works should be done in arranging international shipping. A company or person that manages your cargo for shipping is called freight forwarder.

As a matter of fact a freight forwarder is not a mover or is not a company that moves your cargo itself. The freight forwarder acts as an intermediary between shipper and transportation companies such as ocean shipping companies, trucking companies, air transportation companies etc.

Freight Forwarders services include negotiating with the transportation companies such as trucking, rail, air, ocean companies in order to get best price and service to move the shippers’ goods. Freight forwarders negotiate with different transportation companies for choosing the best transportation company on the base of speed, cost and reliability.

The tasks that freight forwarders do is very difficult for shippers to do, because it is like a technique that choosing a freight forwarder for doing them is logical, time consuming and economical.

Many exporters and shippers hire a freight forwarder as their shipping agent for doing all tasks such as export documentation and shipping requirements. Freight forwarders can advise their clients regarding moving their goods from one destination to another in the best way. Knowledge of freight forwarders in all processes of transportation such as documentations, regulations, costs, banking etc. can be very helpful for shippers and ease their exporting process.

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