Facts & Statistics about Shipping Containers

What we really know about the shipping containers. Large percent of goods are carried by shipping containers daily and there are so many people that in the field of shipping containers. Here we want to give some facts and statistics about shipping containers.

A) Do you know that the inventor of shipping container was Malcolm McLean. He was an American transport entrepreneur who developed the modern intermodal shipping container, which revolutionized transport and international shipping.

B) More than 17 million shipping containers are in the world now. Almost 6 million of these shipping containers shipping on vessels, trucks and trains around the world.

C) Almost 10000 shipping containers lost at sea every year, It means that one container lost every hour.

D) Do you know that approximately 97 percent of the shipping containers are manufactured in China. This is because of low labor rate in China.

E) Seven of the 10 biggest ports in the world by cargo volume are in China. The remaining three are in Singapore, the Netherlands and South Korea. Below is the list of 10 biggest containers ports in the world:

  • Port of Shanghai

  • Port of Singapore

  • Port of Tianjin

  • Port of Guangzhou

  • Port of Ningbo

  • Port of Rotterdam

  • Port of Suzhou

  • Port of Qingdao

  • Port of Dalian

  • Port of Busan

F) All the containers that are used commercially have a serial number made up of a 4 letter and seven digit numbers e.g. [XXX-U-123456-1] (The first three letters signify the owner, the next letter is the category of the container (U = freight container), six digit serial number and finally a check digit)