Freight Brokerage as your Business

Freight broker is a person or company that acts as intermediary between carrier and shipper. Freight broker helps the shipper to find best carrier and best service for transporting its goods.

We can put freight brokerage in transportation category. As a matter of fact he is neither a shipper nor a carrier but a company or person that plays an important role in transporting of goods.

Many companies use freight brokers as their staffs to coordinate all of their shipping needs. Brokers are active almost from the early of the 20th century.

Most of people often confuse freight broker with freight forwarder.
Freight forwarders are different from freight brokers. In most of the time a freight broker is a middleman but a freight forwarder usually consolidate different shipments into a large shipment and arrange a larger shipment in various shipping methods such as air, water…

Some brokers may use different agents in different locations for enhancing their operations because it is not possible to open offices in different locations. So in this business 2 factors are very important for success: Technical expertise and making contacts in this business.

Every broker can choose a target market on the base of geography, cargo type, loading size etc.

We hope Wtleads (World Freight Forwarders Network) can help all related businesses to grow in this competitive market.