Wtleads online platform and tools for Freight Forwarders

Wtleads goal is to enhance the competition among Freight Forwarders in International Shipping Field and starts its business as an online information technology firm to help all business companies to find lowest shipping rates in shortest time.

Using technology and online services can remove the gaps among freight forwarders and makes communications between them easier.

Wtleads offers online tools to help customers find lowest shipping rates with best conditions for their goods. By using online platforms and tools, Wtleads try to help users to find transport services and to manage their freight shipping activities.

These services can cut out the middleman task among freight forwarders and shippers. In other industries this online tools have been used for many years but for Freight industry it has not a long history.

Freight companies by registering their profile in Wtleads database allow the shippers to find them and Wtleads by having up to date systems facilitate these connections among them by alerting systems, etc. Using online freight tools can help shippers to find rates for their freights in shortest time easily.

Like other industries, large and small companies are active in freight industry too so Wtleads online freight platform can give opportunities to smaller companies to be more active in freight business. As a matter of fact Wtleads has to kinds of companies in its network: Freight forwarders in one side and Shippers/supplier & buyers in other side.

We believe in accurate information and because of that we always try to have a control in all posts that are published by users.

Below services can be found on Wtleads platform:

Services for Freight Forwarders:

  • Accessing to freight quotes requests
  • Posting Freight Quote Requests
  • Posting Freight Rates
  • Posting Freight Agency Request/Offer
  • Posting buying leads
  • Managers' Talks

Services for Suppliers & Buyers:

  • Posting Products
  • Posting Selling Leads
  • Posting Buying Leads

By registering on Wtleads, all companies will have a managing dashboard and showroom for introducing their services and products to other companies.