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24 inch LCD Rugged Marine Monitor

24 inch LCD Rugged Marine Monitor

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

This is a high bright sunlight readable display, enhanced by LED array backlight, 500 nits at 1920x1200 full HD resolution, but only less than 2W standby power. The rugged M240EEAL monitor can be fitted to handle temperature between -10 deg C and 50 deg C. It is quite suitable for outdoor application even under strong light ambient for advertising digital signage, information display at shopping mall, street, bus and train station, airport, restaurant, bank, park, casino, metro and gas station.
Main specification:
Resolution: 1920x1200
Brightness: 500 cd/m2, LED backlight
Power consumption: 60 watt for whole unit at 500nit
Standby power: 1 watt or less
Viewing angle:89/89/89/89
IP66 waterproof enclosure
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