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311 EPDM O-Ring, 70A, Black, 9/16" ID, 15/16" OD,

311 EPDM O-Ring, 70A, Black, 9/16" ID, 15/16" OD,

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
100000------500000 pcs
Inco terms:
1000 pcs per bag
Delivery Place:
Supply Ability:
5000000 pieces per day
Product Description

Product Description

311 EPDM O-Ring, 70A, Black, 9/16" ID, 15/16" OD, 3/16" Width (Pack of 1000)

Model number:A-311

Product Specifications:

Hardness Actual ID Actual Width
70 A 13.64 mm 5.33 mm

Actual ID Actual OD Actual Width
0.537 inches 0.957 inches 0.210 inches

Nominal ID Nominal OD Nominal Width
9/16 inches 15/16 inches 3/16 inches

Pkg Qty Specification Met
1000 AS568

Specification for this product family:

Brand Name Material Type
Uninovo,Sealsmart EPDM

System of Measurement Color Name
Inch Black

LowerTemperature Range Upper Temperature Range

-50 Celsius temperature 150 Celsius temperature

Product Features:

1.Made of EPDM(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber) for use with a variety of chemicals and fuels
2.Round cross-section to provide a seal between cylindrical overlapping surfaces
3.Can be used across a wide temperature range from -50 degrees C to 150 degrees C
4.Durometer (hardness) of 70 A for resistance to penetration
5.Meets standards defined by Aerospace Standard AS568

Packaging & Delivery:

1.Packaging Detail: 1000 pieces per bag
2.Delivery Detail: spot: 3 days ; production: 15 days

Product Description:

This EPDM O-ring has a shore durometer of 70 A, and is designed for use in a wide variety of sealing applications.Shore durometer is the hardness of a material, and its resistance to permanent indentation. A higher durometer value indicates greater resistance to indentation on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 indicating no indentation.

EPDM has excellent ozone,weather,deformation,acid,alkalion,water swell,steam,tensile strength,and chemical resistance.EPDM is acceptable for temperature applications between -50 degrees C to 150 degrees C.It is compatible for use with water and steam, silicone oil and grease, polar solvents (alcohols), acids, glycol-based brake fluids, ozone, and weathering.It is vulnerable to many oils, gasoline, and solvents. This material meets ASTM International standards.

This EPDM O-ring meets standards defined by Aerospace Standard AS568, which is the Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings.

If you need more feature and requirement about EPDM Rubber O-ring,Please kindly feel free to contact us.

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