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47 Inch Semi-Outdoor Kiosk

47 Inch Semi-Outdoor Kiosk

Product Details

Product Details

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Shenzhen, China
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Product Description

Product Description

This floor-standing 47" semi-outdoor kiosk is one of our reliable, cost-effective, environmental LCD display. The brightness of this monitor has been enhanced to 500 nits and it provides full High Definition 1080p resolution, but only with 280 watt power consumption.It is really both environmentally friendly and energy efficient by design.Besides, the unique T470CDAP supports multiple play devices type with fashion enclosure design and powerful built-in media player, such as video or pictures with voice,Web news(multi frames, portrait display or landscape diaplay), wired or wireless WiFi which can implement remote control. It is quite suitable for information and product display , bar, club, bus and train station, airport, supermarket, theater, shopping mall, bank, kiosk and all indoor or semi-outdoor environment application.
Main specification:
47 inch semi-outdoor Kiosk
Resolution: 1920x1080
Brightness: 500cd/m2,before IR touch
Power consumption: 280 Watt
Standby power: 2 Watt or less
Touch screen: IR touch screen outdoor version (option)
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