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55 Inch Indoor AD Totem

55 Inch Indoor AD Totem

Product Details

Product Details

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Shenzhen, China
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Product Description

Product Description

This 55 inch high bright AD Totem accentuates the sleek looks of the flat panel display, while providing ample space to integrate a media player, interactive touch system, wired or wireless WiFi, etc. It supports not only multiple play device (video or pictures with voice optional), but also Web news (multi frames, portrait display or landscape display), to create a complete interactive AD Totem experience. Paired with a wide range of aesthetic options, this modular line of AD totem makes it easy to execute any advertising or branding strategy.
Main specification:
Resolution: 1920x1080
Brightness: 700 cd/m2, LED backlight
Power consumption: 260 watt
Standby power: 2 watt or less
Operating temperature: -10 deg C ~ +45 deg C
Storage temperature: -30 deg C ~ +60 deg C
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