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65inch high bright outdoor LCD Totem

65inch high bright outdoor LCD Totem

Product Details

Product Details

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Shenzhen, China
Supply Ability:
50pcs / month
Product Description

Product Description

Maxbright’s 65" All-Weather, Harsh-Duty LCD Display is waterproof to IP65 standards and engineered to withstand the harshest environments and most demanding real world applications.This 65 inch IP65 LCD AD display is equipped wiht our patent LED array direct type backlight technology. The brightness can be enhanced to 1500 cd/m2 that auto dimming by light sensor. It is graceful, fashional and true sunlight readable, even when readed in direct sunlight. Paired with built-in media player, it not only support multiple play devices type, but also support wired or wireless WiFi, implement remote control, so that it is highly suitable for outdoor advertising applications both in day time and at night.
Screen size: 65 inch
Enclosure: Waterproof IP65
Resolution: 1920x1080, Portrait display mode
Brightness: 1500 nits, LED backlight enhanced
Contrast: 1500: 1, Dynamic contrast ration: 10000: 1
Dimming: Auto dimming by light sensor
View angle: 89x89x89x89
Interface: VGA, HDMI, S-Video
Media player option
Wireless WiFi option
Industrial mini Air-Conditioner cooling system
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