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Briquette charcoal

Briquette charcoal

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
22 ton
Inco terms:
Delivery Place:
Supply Ability:
1000 ton per month
Product Description

Product Description


Lasts for long time

And does not quench at all without Ventilation.

- Doesn't produce any sound or light.

- Went off by water

And can be used again after being dried.

- It gives high heat energy.

- It is not affected by moisture

Since the made packing is provided by Protect surface.

- It doesn't give any smell or smoke after being light.


Use to roast all kinds of meat, And for ceccer heating and Shisha.

How to use:

It can be easily light since

Some pieces of it can be lighted on any heating source

For few minutes them quickly.

Container 40FT Takes 24Ton

Container 20 FT Takes 12 Ton

Packing: 10 Kg carton
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