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Cleanroom ESD shoe,cleanroom boot,cleanroom booty

Cleanroom ESD shoe,cleanroom boot,cleanroom booty

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
200 pairs
Inco terms:
can be customized
Delivery Place:
Shanghai china
Supply Ability:
2000 pair/day
Free sample exclusive of courier fees
Product Description

Product Description

EBCR0302 Cleanroom ESD shoe/boot:
* Easy to wash and dry;
* Light and comfortable, highly breathable;
* Protective voltage less than250V
* Suitable for assembly, production and QC area for electronic/semiconductor/solar/pharmaceutical/lab….All EFA
* Wearer must avoid to wear thick isolation socks, and this shoe will only takes effect on the ESD floor mate with ESD uniform/clothing.
* Materials:
Resistance to ground /human body:9 x 10E5 to 3.5 x 10E7Ω
  Sole: PVC and PU
  Upper: Japanese Shikibo conductive silk, strip 5mm
  PU resistance:E8 - E9Ω/SQ
  PVC resistance:E7 - E8Ω/SQ
  Surface resistance:106-107Ω
* Size:34-44, Unisex
* Test standard:GB4385-1995

This is an OEM product original from an dominant hardisk HDD MNC. It has been widely using in many HDD, electronic and many other industries.
With the huge regular order, best cost control and lower manpower cost, we can deliver this product with very attractive price which is the manufacturing cost for many rivals.
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