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Compact Tuning Fork Level Switch

Compact Tuning Fork Level Switch

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

The structure and characteristics of The AMTS-TLX is suitable for small size container and tank without much space around. It can be widely used in building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy field to alarm or control the height of liquid level for their lower and upper limit.

-Small size: Compared to other level switches of our company, AMTS-TLX Small Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch is more suitable for small size container and tank with not very much space around.
-Powerful adaptability: Different electrical parameters and densities of the materials measured have no influence on the measurement. The extreme conditions, such as scale formation, agitation, on flow, bubbles, vibration, medium viscosity, high temperature and high pressure also make no difference on the detection.
-Maintenance free: The detection procedure of the product is done by electronic circuit and there is no mobile component, thus it is maintenance free once being installed and put into service.
-Adjustment free: The detection of the product is not influenced by electrical parameters and densities of the mediums measured, thus no adjustment on site is required no matter which liquid is measured.

Power Supply: DC 24V
Operating Temperature: Fork -30~100℃(High Temperature Type:-30~150℃)
Operating Pressure: ≤2MPa
Medium Density: 0.6g/cm3.
Action Point: Vertically insert into water about 25mm
Start Time: about 3 sec
Response Time: about 1 sec
Output: One set of relay contact (AC 220V/3A, DC 30V/ 3A)
Setting of Return Difference: about 3mm
Consumption: ≤1W
Process Connection: R 1 Taper Pipe Thread or other
Electric Interface: M16x1.5 (Sheath cable diameter: 6-8mm)
Standard length: 130mm (customized)
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