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Cooling System Humidifier HR-300

Cooling System Humidifier HR-300

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

HR-300, centrifugal evaporative cooling system, is an ideal colling system for livestock sheds, greenhouses, outdoor cooling, and many other applications.
It doesn't use nozzle, high pressure pumps, and compressors, but adopts centrifugal airflow spraying system. And therefore there is no clogging of nozzles and no trouble on its components.
HR-300 gives great cooling effect for the places where airconditioners are not avaliable.

Centrifugal spraying system without nozzles
Easy installatiion & No need of maintenance
Adjustable water volume
Separated operatiion of fan and sprayer
Use normal water pressure or low pressure pump

Cooling Air, Humidity control, Ventilation, Disinfection, Dust&Odor control
Livestock shed, Greenhouse, Mushroom growing, Outdoor cooling, Textile industry, Other industries (paper, tobacco, etc)

- Air volume : 5,880m3/h
- Range / throw : 20-35*m
- Power /Frequency /Phase : Buyer's order
- Speed at 60 Hz (Ventilator) : 1,750rpm
(Disc) : 3,500rpm
- Power consumption(ventilator) : 210W
- (vent. + disc / pump) : 430W
Supply water pressure : min. 1 max. 6 bar
- Water capacity : 20~48L/h
- Covering area : 100~320m2* m2/unit
- Diameter : 560mm
- Air intake : 610mm
- Length : 420mm
- Packed weight : 33kg
- Dimensions of packaging : 67 X 67 x 57cm
- Oversea Standard : CE & CSA
*Dependent on application
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