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Electro Robot Arm Didactic Training Equipment Dida

Electro Robot Arm Didactic Training Equipment Dida

Product Details

Product Details

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1 set
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wooden case
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Product Description

Product Description

DLJXS-501D Electro robot arm

1. Overview
Robot is one highly flexible automated machinery, is a complex electromechanical integration equipment. This device is five degrees articulation type manipulator (as shown in the each axis J1, J2, J3, J4, J5), its axis parallel or perpendicular to each other, can be positioned in the space, use stepper motor drive, the main transmission components using the visual design, simple control, convenient programming, is designed and newly developed robotic teaching device which meet mechatronics, mechanical and electrical automatic control and control of other professional teaching experiments require and the application of industrial robots and related training needs in the universities, vocational schools, technical colleges. It is a multi-input multi-output dynamic complex systems, control system design is the ideal platform. It has a high degree of initiative and flexibility, with broad open space, is design ideal object of exercise planning and programming system.

This device can simulate real industrial manipulator working condition, can complete object handling process. The device is composed of working part and control part and epistatic machine interface. Working part contains a variety of industrial gear, a variety of stepping motor, and limit detection device, can real simulation manipulator object transfer process. Control part adopts three control methods (PLC and single-chip microcomputer control, PC control), complete the control operation of whole system.

This device to run automatically using PC software control, start interface panel control button and control the operation of the electric manipulator. Can external PLC control electric manipulator operation. Rotary switch MCU/PC PLC, can change control mode.

2. Technical Specifications
Structure Articulation type joint
Drive Stepper Drives
Load capacity 1Kg

Range of motion J1 0° ~ 180°
J2 0° ~ 30°
J3 0° ~ 90°
J4 0° ~ 180°
J5 0° ~ 180°
Paw 45_60mm
Largest expansion radius ≥ 700mm

Height ≥ 1150mm
Body Weight ≤ 100Kg
PLC programming control
MCU programming control
PC software programming control

Power capacity Single 220V 50Hz 4A
Temperature -10° C~40° C
Humidity ≤ 90%(25° C)
Overall capacity ≤ 1kVA

3. Equipment components and main functions
The whole equipment is composed of Working part robot, robotic control box and PC control software
Manipulator work part is composed of stepper motors, DC motors, torque limiters, belt drive mechanism, spur gears, friction drive mechanism, spatial cam mechanism, position sensors, mechanical gripper, signal switching device.
Manipulator control section is composed of operator panel, microprocessor control board, stepper motor drives, power modules, cooling device, the signal switching module etc.

Product series:
1) Electrical technology Know-how Training Set
2) Innovative E-skills&Technology Training Series
3) MCU Technology Training Series
4) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series
5) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series(Model-type)
6) CNC Machine Tools Maintainance Training Series(Model-type)
7) Building Automatic Training Series
8) PC Training Series
9) Innovative industrial Automatic Control Technology Training Series
10) Pnematic Training Series
11) Hydraulic Training Series
12) Sensor Training Series
13) Motor Training Series
14) Mechatronic Training Series
15) MPS Training Series
16) FMS Training Series
17) Mechanical Training Series
18) Engrave machine series
19) Automotive educational equipment

Packaging Detail:
1). Packaging for training kit: Plastic package + carton + plywood pallets
2). Packaging for training equipment: Plastic package + plywood pallet
Delivery Detail: 40 to 50 days after Received deposit
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