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Gold Dust and Bars For Sale

Gold Dust and Bars For Sale

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
Inco terms:
Approved Export Boxes
Delivery Place:
Buyer's final destination
Supply Ability:
1000kgs per month
Product Description

Product Description

Jamop Company Limited is a mining & exporting company based in Ghana, West-Africa.

We transact in Gold Bar, Gold Dust and Diamonds.

We have the ability to supply any quantities to any buyers' nominated final destination worldwide.

We want to inform all interested buyers that our current stock is up to 1000kgs and more and is ready for sale.

Our minimum trial shipment is 50kgs and our prices,quantities and payment terms are negotiable.

We are ready to negotiate with serious Buyers and individuals.

We can also sign long term contract with interested buyers,companies and including individuals.

Below are Commodity Specifications:

1.Commodity:Aurum Utallium(Au)
2.Form:Gold Dore Bar
3.Purity:Over 92% Preferred and over
5.Quantity:from 50-1000kgs or more per Month.

We are ready to work with any interested buyers and individuals.

Buyer is also welcomed to Visit Seller's country for inspection and initial test.

We have flexible business terms.

Our Prices,minimum quantity,procedures and payment terms are negotiable.

Our prices are also adjustable upwards or downwards depending on world market price.
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