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Grape fruit

Grape fruit

Product Details

Product Details

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1000 ton per month
Product Description

Product Description

Fresh Grape Fruits Offer

The company established in 2005, start in exporting directly in 2013

Our main field is cultivation and packing fresh and frozen fruits and most of agriculture products and processing it to meet or exceed international standards and make it ready for export to provide it to exporters companies in Egypt.

In 2013 finally we decided to export directly to our customers in all over the world.

In 2013 the company turned to be exporting company in the field of agricultural products. We implement new strategy and new policy in international trading which enabled us to occupy a privileged position in the market and enjoy credibility with our customers in the short time. In a very less time we have captured the nerves of this field. As on we have concentrated on frozen food, fresh food and herbals.

Origin: Egypt



Description: It is the most intensive colored grapefruit and is the most recent
discovery. It seems to substitute the Star Ruby as the variety with the highest
pigmentation. Rio Red has the same characteristics as the Star Ruby but with
finer skin. It is a variety of red grapefruit.

Juice content: min. 40%

Stage of maturity (Acidity/Sugar):min. 6

Transport temperature: 6º-8º

Storage temperature: 8º-10º


Description: This variety was found in Texas by irradiation of Hudson Foster grapefruit seeds.

The fruit reaches good fruit size and it characterize itself through its red fruit pulp
and pleasant flavor, Produces a low number of seeds. The rind is very thin and the
juice content is high. This variety is sweeter and less bitter than others. It is a variety

offer grapefruit.

Juice content: min. 40%

Stage of maturity (Acidity/Sugar): min. 6

Transport temperature: 6º-8º

Storage temperature: 8º-10º


Descript ion: Bud mutation from the Thompson variety discovered in Texas 1931. The

Fruit has abig and medium sizes and of good quality, Almost without seeds. Its skin is

yellow and frequently with yellow areas and the pulp is yellow.

Juice content:in. 35%

Stage of maturity (Acidity/Sugar): min. 7

Transport temperature: 6º-8º

Storage temperature: 8º-

Packing & size: CARTON 15 KG

MEASURES: 60x40x17

Quality Standard: Products meet or exceed the international standard and EU standard Class 1

Delivery payment: FOB, CNF, CIF

payment: T/Tor L/C Irrevocable

Delivery time:7 days after receiving the advance.
Wish to make successful business together for a long time.
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