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Hydraulic Servo  Compression Testing Machine

Hydraulic Servo Compression Testing Machine

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

This series compression testing machine is mainly designed for compression and bending test of building material
items, such as concrete cube, cement specimen and component, etc, also used for compression performance test
of rubber pad and top forge test of metal. With new design idea and advanced technology, this series have more
advantages in appearance, operation & applications. It is ideal test equipment for quality control at industry &
mineral enterprises, educational teaching in high schools, and technology searching at scientific institutes.
It is conformed to ASTM E4, ASTM C139, ISO7500-1, EN10002-2, BS 1610, DIN51220, C1231 –AASHTO T22
-NF P18-411 -UNE 83304, 7242 etc.
Applicable Specimens:
Extensive ranges for Cubic sample: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and more; Cylindrical sample dia. 150x300mm,
dia. 100x200mm, dia. 200x400mm or others as per customer required.
Model TYE-2000 TYE-3000
Max. Load (kN) 2000 3000
Load measuring range 4-100% of F.S.
Load accuracy ±1.0% ±1.0%
Constant loading rate 1-99kN/s (can be adjusted)
Displacement reading error 5μ(can be customized) 5μ(can be customized)
Back to zero relative error ±0.5% ±0.5%
Relative resolution 0.5% 0.5%
Test space adjusting mode By dual action actuator By dual action actuator
Upper compression platen (mm) Φ300mm Φ300mm or 340x340
Lower compression platen (mm) Φ300mm Φ300mm or 340x340
Distance between two platens(mm) 300-50 300-50 or 240-0
Distance between columns 290x200 365x365
Actuator stroke(mm) 300 300
Max. rising speed of piston 60mm/min 60mm/min
Max. returning speed of piston 100mm/min 100mm/min
Power supply 3-phase, 380/400V, 2.2kW 3-phase, 380/400V, 7.5 kW
Weight (kg) 1800 2800
Overall dimension for load frame &
hydraulic power pack (mm)
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