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IG541 inert gas fire suppression system

IG541 inert gas fire suppression system

Product Details

Product Details

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5 sets
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wooden box
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Product Description

Product Description

1. System introduction
mixed gas IG541 is made up of 52% 40% 40% nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide mixture of proportion by the steric (physical) way,
in a short period of time after discharge to the protection zone can make protection zone of the oxygen concentration is reduced
to support combustion under 12.5%, and burning fire smothering action implementation. , on the other hand, according to the
long-term medical experiments prove that the human body in 12.5% oxygen concentration and the concentration of 2% to 5%
carbon dioxide environment breath, brain of oxygen and at normal atmospheric environment (21% oxygen concentration and co2
concentration 0.03%) gained by the oxygen content is the same. This is because in hypoxia environment, if carbon dioxide
concentrations increased to 2% 5% can make people breathing deepen and accelerate, in unit time make the person obtains
enough oxygen to brain cells. Mixed gas IG541, 8% of the carbon dioxide gas is artificially make the protection zone of rising
carbon dioxide levels to meet the anoxic environment breathing for 2% 5%, and won't cause harm to human body.
2.Unique advantages
1. Agent completely by nature exists in the atmosphere of inert gas, after the discharge to the environment completely without
2.Under prescribed fire extinguishing concentration is completely harmless to human body, can stay in one place safely use;
3. Fire extinguishing agent sources, can ensure long-term use;
4.Fire extinguishing agent is completely composed of inert gas, does not cause protection zone temperature fell sharply after
discharge, the precision equipment and other valuable belongings without any harm;
5. Because of the storage pressure is higher, compared with other fire extinguishing system can transport a long distance,
6.Under the combined distribution system methods can connect more protection zone, thus saving investment.

3.System main technical parameters
20 °C storage pressure: 15 MPa
fire extinguishing agent storage bottles of specifications/filling quantity: 80 l / 80 l / 16.8 Kg, 16.8 Kg
maximum working pressure (50 °C) : 17.2 MPa 1 start mode: magnetic start, mechanical emergency start
electromagnetic drive air pressure: 6.0 + / - 1.0 MPa (20 °C)
electromagnetic drive starting power: DC24V / 1.5 A 1.2.7 agent application time: 60 s or less
protection zone temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C 1.2.9 store between bottle temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C.
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