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JW6-252 Outdoor High Voltage Earthing Switch

JW6-252 Outdoor High Voltage Earthing Switch

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
1 set
Inco terms:
Package can suitable for sea or air shipment
Delivery Place:
Supply Ability:
1 Set/Sets per Day
Product Description

Product Description

JW6-252 Outdoor high voltage earthing switch is three phase AC 50Hz high voltage electric equipment, used in checked busbar and electric equipment earthing to keep people safe, worked as transformer neutral earthing switch as well, which is widely used power system, industrial and mineral enterprise,each quota conforms to IEC62271-103 & confirm GB1985-2004 HV AC disconnect switch and earthing switch DL/T593-2006 Technial Guide of order for HV AC disconnect switch Request.
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