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KLD: 30w two channels modern tube guitar amp head

KLD: 30w two channels modern tube guitar amp head

Product Details

Product Details

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300 pcs/month
Product Description

Product Description

Kldguitar GT-30HM offers the widest palette of tones to cover any style of music. This head provides all the extra gain you'll ever need. Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, both with 2 modes that can take you from warm, clean tube tones to the souped-up threshold of sonic danger. A deep switch adds a resonant bass boost for a meatier bottom end and a Tone Shift scoops out the mid frequencies making it ideal for metal Tones. Reverb controls for each channel let you adjust the reverb where you need it. It connect with 12 or 15 inches speakers cabinet .
Being first amp of Affordable Classical Range amp, GT30H was developed in 2006. It has been modified several times. The sound and quality of GT30H are stable and better. it is high performance/price tube guitar amp.
30 watts (RMS) into 16 or 8 ohms
Four EL84s and three 12AX7s
Standby AC mains input, international voltage selector switch 100V/120V/200V/220V/230V/240V 50/60Hz
2-channel preamp
Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel
Normal volume control on clean channel
3-band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)
Boost switch
Reverb level control and spring reverb
FX loop
Footswitch selectable channel switching and reverb(select AUX)
External speaker capability: 4,8,16,ohm, 2x8ohm, 2x16ohm
Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil and polyester military capacitors
OEM and ODM welcome, assembled kits are provided. Please use kldguitar in google and contact with us so we can reply you in time
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