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PLG High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine

PLG High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

The Series electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing machines are used for fatigue tests of metal material and component under tension, compression or reversal load .If the relevant grips are provided, three-position bending test ,four-position bending test ,tension and compression of sheet sample test ,tension and compression of circle test ,gear wheel , bolt , connecting rod , roller chain, crackle expanding test are available.

The serial testing machines undergo optimization design and the structure is rational. The automatically controlled system adopts the advanced pulse wide control system and new-type power amplifier to improve the reliability of the electric system .It is with high efficiency, easy to shake, no-stop shake, low energy consummation, high controlling accuracy, small fluctuation. The machines comply with DIN50100.

Model PLG-20C PLG-100C PLG-200C PLG-300C PLG-500C
Load capacity(kN) ±20 ±100 ±200 ±300 ±500
Max. step pulse load (kN) ±20 ±100 ±200 ±300 ±500
Load capacity for dynamic (peak value)(kN) 10 or 13 50 or 70 100 or 130 150 or 180 250 or 280
Decay files 1,2,5 1,2,5 1,2,5, 1,2,5 1,2,5
Relative error of static load value ≤±1%
Range of frequency(Hz) 60~300(5 steps frequency) 60-300( 7 steps frequency)
Power 380V , 160VA 380V , 300VA 380V , 600VA 380V , 800VA 380V,1.2KVA
Load fluctuation Dynamic 0.5%F-S
Static 0.5%F-S
Max. distance between grips 600mm 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Max. distance between columns 420mm 500mm 540mm 620mm 720mm
(mm) Load frame 700×500×2010 800×700×2235 900×800×2600 1100×1100×2850 1500×1200×3100
Electric controller case 600×600×1200
(kg) Main unit 1500 2750 4000 7200 10000
Electric controller case 50 70 100 120 150

Software Introduction:
 Base on Windows platform.
 Easy to operate, convenience and reliability;
 Display parameters, such as average load, alternating load peak, resonance frequency and cyclic fatigue times in real time.
 Strong and broad test function: Routine fatigue test, program control loading test, Block spectrum test, alternating load envelop line test (Wave shape is set as sine wave, triangle wave and square wave).
 Multiple test parameters setting mode: can take average load value, alternating load peak value as preset mode, also can take Max. Load, stress ratio, Max & Min load as preset mode, and allow apply different load unit.
 Abundant data analysis and procession
 Automatic store various kinds of test data, print test reports and test curve, complete “S-N curve” data procession and curve drawing, and draw frequency-time curve, load-time curve.
 Safe projective function: overload, over-current, upper and lower limit of the set load protection. Machine stops when test finish or encounter emergency.
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