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PU Erh Brick Tea

PU Erh Brick Tea

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

PU-erh Brick Tea is made of tea, tea stems and sometimes tea dust and then pressed into a block like the shape of brick.

Autoclaved brick tea, sometimes called brick tea, just as its name, its shape is just like a brick, which can be a representative of pressed tea.
After screening, blowing, cutting and grinding the crudely tea into semi-finished product, then using high temperature steam autoclave and pressing it into the brick or block or other types of tea.

When infusing the brick tea, the tea water is just like amber and it has a mellow, pure aroma, unique flower Fragrant.

Long-term consumption of brick tea can help digestion, and promote the regulation of human metabolism effectively. And it is also good for human health.

Product should be stored in clean, dry anti-light, odor-free environment. And it mustn't be put with should be chemical products or strong odor things.
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