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Picotest P9610A (108W/36V/7A) - Mixed Mode DC Powe

Picotest P9610A (108W/36V/7A) - Mixed Mode DC Powe

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
Inco terms:
34x26x14 cm, 3.5 Kgs
Delivery Place:
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Supply Ability:
1000 pcs per month
Product Description

Product Description

We're glad to inform you that Picotest's mixed mode (Linear + Switch) DC power supplies, P9610A (108W/36V/7A) & P9611A (150W/60V/6A) are ready.

In the first beginning, P9610A is designed to beat Agilent E3632A (End User Price: USD 1100~1200). However, P9610A's autoranging function (Knowledge: , low noise, fast settling time, light weight less than 2.5Kgs and master-slave connection function can cover a lot of power supplies made by other makers, such as Kikusui, Goodwill GPS series & PSS series, Agilent E3632A/364XA/U8000 series, TEXIO PR18-1.2A/36-3A, Keithley 2200, Tek PWS4205, 4305, 4323, & 4602, R&S NGPQ series, and so on. Buying one P9610A/11A is equivalent to have a complete series power supplies in hand, and the light weight (Less than 2.5Kgs, 5.5Lbs) can save you much shipping cost.

Now you can find the product information on the link, and

The price structure is in the following. These prices doesn't come with any interfaces like USB or USB + GPIB.

1) Recommended End User Price for P9610A*1: USD 735
Recommended End User Price for P9611A*1 without bumpers: USD 630

2) Accessories (which can be installed to the P9610A and the P9611A):
Recommended End User Price for USB: USD 25
Recommended End User Price for USB + GPIB: USD 95

3) Package Information:
A. The Carton for One Unit: 34x26x14cm, 3.5 Kgs
B. The Carton for Two Units: 54x36x17cm, 7.5 Kgs
C. The Carton for Four Units: 54x36x31cm, 14 Kgs

4) Lead Time
3 days after confirming your payment at our side.

5) Warranty
3 Years

This is absolutely unique, and can bring you much profits. Don't miss the chance to have it/them on your sales line. Please give me a sample order.

Best Regards,
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