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Pulse Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

Pulse Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

-Radar level meter adopts 26GHz frequency;
-Beam angle is small (minimum 5 degrees), the energy is concentrated, have stronger anti-interference ability, greatly improves the precision and reliability of measurement;
-Antenna size is small, easy to install and add dustproof cover antenna protection device;
-Measuring blind area smaller, for small measurement can also obtain good effect;
-Wavelength is shorter, more suitable for small granular material level measurement;
-Non-contact measuring;
-Corrosive and toxic liquid, hydrocarbons, slurries;
-Not affected by specific gravity, pressure, temperature, viscosity, foam and dust;
-Measuring distance and actual level;
-Isolated circuit design.
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