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RF-Capacitance Level Switch

RF-Capacitance Level Switch

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

AMTS-CL series Radio-frequency Capacitive Type is universal material level switch. When the sensor is installed on the tank body, the electrode and wall of tank are separately equal to the two polar plates of capacitor. Due to the difference between dielectric constant of testing material and air, once the material level changes in the tank, the capacitance will change accordingly which caused by electrode and wall of tank. When the capacitance is higher than the data set by users the relay in limit level switch will work and output a switching data to alarm and control the material level.

The Radio-frequency Capacitance Type level switch can replace any level switch of other principles and can be widely used in building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy field to alarm or control the height of liquid and material level for their lower and upper limit.

-Powerful adaptability: Can resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, sticky and shock.
-Maintenance free: There is no mobile component during the detection procedure, thus it is maintenance free.
-Digital demarcating: “Digital demarcating technology” makes faster and more accurate once.

Environment Temperature: -30~70℃
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz / DC 9~32V
Consumption: ≤1W
Output Style: One set of relay contact (AC 220V/3A, DC 30V/ 3A)
Output Delay Time: Internal output delay 1-3sec
Installation Structure: Instrument is in combination with sensor
Operating Temperature: ≤100℃(Medium Temperature Type:<250℃,High Temperature Type:<600℃)
Operating Pressure: 4Mpa
Electrode Form: Bar Electrode (Length is less than 2m) Electrode Material: 304SS+ PP-R Sheath/Teflon Sheath
Process Connection: R1/G1/ Flange(Can be costumed-made)
Electric Interface: M20×1.5 (Can be costumed-made)
Explosion Proof: ExdIICT6
Inserting depth: 100mm<L<2000mm
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