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Radial oriented ring

Radial oriented ring

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

Item No. MAG-0273
Coating NiCuNi
Property: We could provide the magnet with the property of N35-N42, N35H-N42H, N35SH-N40SH, N33UH-N35UH
Size and tolerance:
Now we could provide the magnets with outer diameter below 70mm, inner diameter above 12mm, and the thickness between 2-7mm, the height should be less than half of the outer diameter.
1.Assembling easier.
2.Mechancial precision better
3.Stable magnetic property.
4.Improve the motor performance.
1.Radial ring is whole radial oriented ring magnet, it can be magnetized as multi-pole, skewed and uni-pole magnetized.
2.The ring mainly used as induction magnet for motors. It can improve the motor???s performance and property.
3.It is the future development tendency of motor magnets.
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