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Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
1 Unit
Inco terms:
Delivery Place:
Supply Ability:
100 Units Per Month
Product Description

Product Description

Specialized In
• Industrial / Commercial & Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems
• Domestic & Community Water Filtration & Ultra Filtration Systems
• Deionizers / Water Softening Systems
• Mineral Water Quality & Taste Development
• Water Quality Laboratory Setup
• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Regional Water Quality Survey & Mapping
• Resistivity Survey for Locating Sub-surface Sweet Groundwater
• Training on Water Treatment, Quality, Health & Hygiene

We Provide Complete Customer Satisfaction Through
• Well Designed Water Treatment Systems
• Fast Delivery
• Prompt Service
• Technical Support
• Application Assistance
• Project Management

Main Applications of Reverses Osmosis System
• Drinking water treatment to reduce salts, pesticides, fungicides, Nitrite, Nitrate, Fluoride etc
• Process water production for Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnological industries
• Process water production for specific industrial needs
• Production of boiler water for Power Stations and Steam Generators
• Process water production for food Industry
• Water for the Beverage Industry

After Sale Services and Benefits
FineTech offers following after sale services and benefits to valued clients;
• To help keep maintained quality of water according to the World Health Organization (WHO), International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) standards & for the specific industrial needs.
• Water Quality Taste Development of bottled water products by considering the role of various ions in the human body and their overall health impacts.
(Note: An excess or deficiency of various ions in drinking water has harmful effects on the human health)
• Provide professional training on ‘Water Treatment’ and ‘Impact of Water Quality on Human Health’.
• Calibration of testing equipments & meters
• Provide help in Water Quality Laboratory setup as per PSQCA requirements.

Our Products
• Reverse Osmosis Systems
• Ultra Filtration Systems
• Domestic RO Plants
• Water Softening Systems
• Sand & Activated Carbon Filtration Systems
• Cartridge Filters & Housings
• Filtration Media
• RO Membranes
• RO Pressure Vessels
• Flow Meters & Pressure Gauges
• High Pressure Pumps
• Chemical Dosing Pumps
• R.O Antiscalant Chemicals
• Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
• Water Quality Digital Meters
• UV Sterilizers
• Ozonators
• Water Quality Laboratory Instruments & Chemicals
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