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STB module

STB module

Product Details

Product Details

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Ningbo or Shanghai
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free sample
Product Description

Product Description

1.STB is a high reliability connection module, designed to withstand all existing climates.
2.Watertight by design, it provide the best service for the following applications:
Interface boxes UG/Aerial Networks
Distribution points
Customer termination devices.
3.Fits on DIN 35 rails
4.Very compact, overall dimensions allow to replace existing won protected solution by a high reliability solution
5.No special tool required, only by standard screw driver.
Specifications Contact characteristics
Drop wire connector:
Gauge range 0.4 to 1.0mmφ insulation diameter:5.0mm maxφ
Pair connector:
Gauge range 0.4 to 1.0mmφ insulation diameter:3.0mm maxφ
Current conducting capacity
20A 10A per connector for 10 minutes at least without causing deformation of the module( if >20A up to 30A is required, this is possible using a different GDT)
Insulation resistance
Dry atmesphere >1012Ω
Damp atmesphere(ASTMD618) >1012Ω
Salt fog(ASTMB117) >1012Ω
Immersion in water(15 days in 3% NaCi solution) >1012Ω
Contact resistance
RMaterial+Rbridge contacts+Rwire contacts <10mΩ
Increase in contact resistance
After climatic tests <2.5mΩ
After 50 reinsertions <2.5mΩ
Dielectric strength >3000 Vdc for 1 minutes
Mechanical characteristics
Pair/drop qire housing screw Special passivated direct+lacquered zamac alloy
Drop wire housing body Transparent polycarbonate
Body VO glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Insertion contacts Tinned phosphor bronze
Ground contacts Cu-Zn-Ni-Ag alloy
Lower sealant Epoxy resin
Upper cable sealant Silicone filled
Pair/drop wire bearing cover Polycarbonate
Plug-in module body VO glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Plug-in module sealant Gel
“O”-ring EPDM
Spring Stainless steel
Cable/drop wire membrance Thermoplastic rubber
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