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Silver Coated Copper Powders

Silver Coated Copper Powders

Product Details

Product Details

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double antistatic packing
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Product Description

Product Description

Silver Coated Copper Powders for various conductive application

1. what's the silver coated copper powder?

the surface of copper particles is successfully coated by compact and uniform silver powder. Silver coated copper particle size is controllable, there are a variety of morphology to choose(global, flake, dedritic), silver content Ag% is also adjustable from 3% to 35%.

2. what about the performance of silver coated copper powder?

High chemical stability, excellent oxidation resistance and competitive price.

3. appearance description
Color: from dark red to silver grey, color change with silver content.

4. Product use:
The potential applications of the powder depend on factors such as grain size, grain shape, bulk density and silver content.
Grain size include spherical, flake, and dendritic.
Silver coated copper is widely used in conductive adhesive, conductive ink, conductive paste, conductive coatings, conductive rubber, conductive plastic and other requirements with the conductive properties in the microelectronics technology Areas, it is a new type of composite conductive powder.

5. Packing and storage:
the double anti-static bag or aluminum foil packing, the 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg.
packing seal, and store in a cool and dry place, storage temperature of 0 to 25 ℃. Do not contact with Oxidant.

6. Detailed discription:
Hongwu nanometer offers silver coating for a number of different copper powders.This surface treatment process
improves the properties of the copper base material, in particular the resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity and solderability of the material.

Silver coated copper powders therefore not only offer benefits by providing a substitute for pure copper with improved product properties but also represent a cost-effective alternative to pure silver powders.

Silver coated copper powders can be customized to the required silver content by varying the grain size and shape.
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