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Silver nanowires make your whole dashboard touch

Silver nanowires make your whole dashboard touch

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

Our Silver Nanowires AgNWs D:100nm L:10UM, Other size are available upon request with average diameters of 30-200 nm and lengths from 10-100 microns.

If wearable is the big buzzword of CES this year, then "flexible" can't be far behind. LG's G Flex and Samsung's transforming curved TV are certainly more eye-catching - silver nanowires are likely to enable the next generation of flexibly flexible touch panels, including turning your whole car dashboard into one vast finger-responsive surface.
That's because they're better at electrical conduction than indium tin oxide, the current touch-sensor material of choice, as well as being more readily applied to flexible plastic substrates. Meanwhile, they're also highly transparent. again, more so than the existing materials - opening the door to overlaying practically invisible touch sensors onto any surface without obscuring what's underneath.

It's not just touch panels, either. The highly-conductive silver nanowires also have applications in extra-efficient solar panels, and lighting panels, which also benefit from the fact that the nanowires are practically indestructible.
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