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Sunrise Rainbow

Sunrise Rainbow

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

1. Discription of this blooming tea

It is made of beautiful Lily flower, Jasmine flower, Amaranth flower and tender tea buds needles. When drinking, not only can you taste the aroma of natural tea and flowers; But also enjoy the art of pleasing, and the tea leaves and flowers have some medicinal health benefits.

2. History of artistic tea

For thousands of years, drinking tea has been recognizing as an art in China. An art that is so valuable and beneficial to the human body. That people here still hold it as a part of national tradition. Now, exerting their unbelievable imagination the craft Chinese tea makers create the most amazing tea in the history---Artistic Tea which features by its unique appearance, splendid infusion view, lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavor. It is the artwork of tea makers; Those experienced men can only make several such teas within an hour. Brew the tea in a transparent wineglass with hot water, then just sit back and enjoy the artwork from your hand. I'm sure the splendid sight' will rock you^

3. Effect of blooming tea

Adjust incretion, eliminate poison, beautify and moisten the skin; Nourish stomach, nourish and liver, brighten eyes; Moisten lung, diminish inflammation, clear away internal heat, soothe the nerves. It is also helpful for dyspepsia, stomach-ache, energy of life stagnated, dizziness, soothe the nerve

4. Infusion Method of flower tea

Boil water---put one flower teaball in around 300ml teapot--infuse the 200ml boiled water to the teapot ----waiting for 3-5minutes for full blossoming of flower tea---enjoy it.

The average weight of each ball is 7.5g. There are about 130-140 pieces in one kilo

Quality control: Senior tea taster Mr Qin with 35 years experience tasting tea

We can offer CIQ certificates such as Phytosanitary certificate, Quality certificate, EU pesticide residue certifcates etc.

We can packing as customers demand.
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