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Wan Zi Qian Hong (MA911)

Wan Zi Qian Hong (MA911)

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Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

1. Wan Zi Qian Hong
It is made of Green tea and carnation, Carnation is the most suitable flower for teacher and mother, who are well-beloved in China, because both of them nurture us most. The most common imagery of their spirit is spring in China, spring bring us all, while the metaphor of spring is wan zi qian Hong. This idiom indicates a variety of color, which is typical scene in spring.
With pink flower slow-motion blooming in the water, a cup overfills fragrance, like the love from mother and teacher^^

2. Effect of blooming tea
Adjust incretion, eliminate poison, beautify and moisten the skin; Nourish stomach, nourish and liver, brighten eyes; Moisten lung, diminish inflammation, clear away internal heat, soothe the nerves. It is also helpful for dyspepsia, stomach-ache, energy of life stagnated, dizziness, soothe the nerve

3. Infusion Method of flower tea
Boil water---put one flower teaball in around 300ml teapot--infuse the 200ml boiled water to the teapot ----waiting for 3-5minutes for full blossoming of flower tea---enjoy it.

4. The average weight of each ball is 7.5g. There are about 130-140 pieces in one kilo

5. Quality control: Senior tea taster Mr Qin with 35 years experience tasting tea

We can offer CIQ certificates such as Phytosanitary certificate, Quality certificate, EU pesticide residue certifcates etc.

We can packing as customers demand.
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