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ZW43A/ZW32-12/24 Outdoor AC Vacuum Circuit Breake

ZW43A/ZW32-12/24 Outdoor AC Vacuum Circuit Breake

Product Details

Product Details

Minimum Order:
1 set
Inco terms:
Package can suitable for sea or air shipment
Delivery Place:
Supply Ability:
1 Set/Sets per Day
Product Description

Product Description

1. Mini vacuum arc extinguish High reliability; small volume; long life time; fixed inside the epoxide resin. 2. Epoxide resin sealing Anti-ozone, anti-ultraviolet; It is firm, light and convenience for transport. 3. Spring mechanism Small volume, reliable performance, maintenance free. 4. Manual and motor closing & opening It can be operated by manual and motor,a signal of C/O and storage in outside. 5. Switch case Aluminium-alloy material, stain steel and armor plate.
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