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iFace VF360 Access Control Terminal with Attendanc

iFace VF360 Access Control Terminal with Attendanc

Product Details

Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description

Card Capacity: 10000
Facial Capacity: 200
Recording Capacity: 100000

Display :3-inch high-definition color touch screen
Facial recognition algorithm :ZKFace the latest high-speed face recognition algorithm
Camera :High-resolution infrared and color camera
Means of communication ;TCP / IP network communications
U disk function
U disk download attendance record upload and download personnel information
Swipe function :ID card
Attendance function: T9 input method, 9 yards, recorded query, the timing of state transitions, horn rings
Access control function: Power locks, exit switch, alarm, door sensor, multiple authentication methods
Optional functions: Mifare card
The use of humidity: 0-45
Operating Temperature:20% -80%
Power Specifications :DC 12V
Language Selection: English
Product Size :105mm * 160mm * 36mm
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