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Product Details

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Product Description

Product Description


white onion
Size: 90mm + 10-20mm ..
Cultures: New year running
Colour: White
Origin: Cameroon

We are a leading company of Cameroon in the area of fresh vegetables especially onion / garlic / ginger and potatoes
We mainly three color varieties of onion
1) white onion
2) Red Onion
3) yellow onion.

Size: 20mm to 90mm + we can provide as requested by clint

Packaging: 5 to 50 kg jute / pp / Mesha bag.

Characteristic onnion we can provide are

1) Fresh large onon
2) Fresh onion shellot
3) onion fresh tinny size

dried varieties

-Dried Onion croquettes
-Dried Minced onion
The onion -Dried
Onion granules -Dried
Onion powder -Dried
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