Anthony Mzuanda
Business Activities
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Customs Brokers
  • Container Services
Company Introduction
Jambo Freight Ltd is a local Tanzania private limited company incorporated since 1986 offering transport and custom tailored logistic solutions to its wide range of clientele.

Jambo Freight is backed by over 30 years of solid experience and reputation in the hands of a formidable winning team of highly skilled and motivated work force able to work beyond normal working boundaries to ensure timely and prompt clearance and delivery of cargo to customers.

We are an innovative and energetic company providing integrated freight forwarding service options with modern and dynamic approach to the constantly changing freight industry. Built in a solid commitment to offering all clients a high level of services backed by staff who care for your business.

Our commitment “to do what we say we will do”, gives us an enviable reputation and goodwill that we are all proud of. Your success is our priority , so take a load off your mind and leave your freight and transport requirements to our team of trained professionals.

Our reliability and reputation is evidenced by the huge volume of cargo we handle annually. The respect vested on us by various government and international organizations / foreign firms is based on our safe and speedy manner of handling cargo be it containerized or project nature.

Our belief of a good forwarder is how quality service is rendered at most competitive rates while avoiding unnecessary additional cost on delay penalties like container demurrages and port storage charges. To our aggressive and competent team, every consignment is emergency and deadlined.