Freemarine Shipping Agency

Ahmed Ali
Business Activities
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Express Operators/Couriers
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Freight Networks
  • Freight Publications
  • Charter Brokers
  • General Sales Agents
  • Customs Brokers
  • Freight Removals
  • Freight Finance
  • Container Services
Company Introduction
FREEMARINE provides full range of ship agency services to shipowners, charterers and vessel operators operating ships to EGYPT and Middle East port. We have wide experience in handling various types of breakbulk and bulk vessels ranging from general cargo multipurpose ships, bulk ships, timber carriers, combi vessels, tug&barge combos, car carriers, heavy lift ships and other floating craft. Apart from breakbulk and bulk ships, we are also in a position to handle various other types of ships like specialized cargo carriers, oilfield support ships, cable laying ships and passenger ships.

FREEMARINE is professionally qualified to handle all types of vessels and principal requirements. Our experienced operations and commercial team are capable of providing high quality market and operational reporting, pre-call operational arrangements to ensure quick berthing and turnaround, round the clock in-port operational support, post call operational reporting and updating of Principals.

We have experience in handling the following cargoes:-
· Steel cargoes ie beams, girders, billets, coils, plates, channels, rebars.
· Pumice, cement, grain, iron ore, coal, copper slag, clay, sugar, silica sand.
· Crushed stone aggregates in bulk
· Vehicles and heavy earthmoving equipment.
· Project cargoes / heavy lifts.
· Timber and timber products.
· Bagged cargoes.

Services we provide entail:-
· Round the clock proactive coverage of vessels and cargoes.
· Pre arrival, in port and post departure reporting for vessels and cargoes.
· Reporting formats customized to the needs of the principal.
· Market reports and cargo leads for import and export cargoes.
· Complete support services for crew changes and other vessel requirements.
· Tailor-made software with capabilities to interface with various EDI and other software used by principals.

Our strengths and advantages:-
· Reputed local company with financial transparency.
· Professional and ethical approach with an experienced and committed team.
· Excellent relationships with official authorities, ports, customs and local entities.
· Operational efficiency, flexibility, resourcefulness and a ‘CAN DO’ approach resulting in quick turnaround of vessels.
· Easy connectivity with team members after office hours through mobile and blackberry.
· Financial discipline, meticulous accounting and belief in partnering concept.
· Commercial team works with the focused objective of increasing revenue, market share and reducing cost for the principal.
· Establishing the BRAND NAME of the principal in the markets where represented