Sea & Air Logistics Namibia CC

Prasanna Seneviratne
Business Activities
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Express Operators/Couriers
  • Freight Networks
  • Customs Brokers
  • Freight Removals
Company Introduction
We are a Total Logistics Provider having its Head Office in Windhoek. We are committed to provide personalised and innovative Logistics Solutions and Services, to match the requirements of any client who wish to move any consignments by Sea, Air, Road or Rail to any part of the world.

Whether it is a consignment over Sea, Air, Road or Rail, our expertise would identify and design Cost Saving Logistics Solutions to meet with requirements of our valued clients and to make sure the consignments are safely organised from Port of Origin and delivered to the Port of Destination.

1. Air Freight:
 Air Exports
 Air Imports
 Customs Clearance
 Delivery
 RIB/RIT Clearance & Cross-Border Delivery
 Containerised Export Cargo
 Cold Containerised Cargo (perishables)
 Special cargo (oversized) Import and Export handling
 Palletising, Shrink wrapping, Labelling, Bar coding

2. Sea Freight:
 Sea, Air, Road and Rail Freight Forwarding
 Multi Country Consolidation
 Cross Border Transportation and Clearance
 Customs Clearance
 Warehousing, Storage and Distribution
 Automobile Logistics
 NVOCC Operation
 Import & Export
 Trade Consultancy

3. Road Freight:
 Customs Clearance
 Cross Border Clearance and Transportation
 Warehousing and Storage
 Multi Country Consolidation
 Import and Export
 Trade Consultancy

4. Vehicle (Automobile) Logistics: We provide Pre-Purchase Guidance, Pre Inspection, Translation, Post Purchase Logistics, Export Procedures, Storage, Customs Clearance, License Plate De-Registration and Containerised Packing from Japan, Singapore and United Kingdom. We are capable in arranging shipments either in containers or RO-RO (Roll On - Roll Off).

Shipping in Containers: This is an ideal way to ship more than 2 units (vehicles) without RO-RO access or bulk as most of the dealers look for spread Cost, Fast and Higher Quality Service. We can consolidate various models of vehicles in a Sea Container. This is also considered as safer method to ship vehicles as the cargo is not exposed and it is the fastest way to ship as there are container ships (vessels) available on weekly basis than RO-RO.

Please feel free to contact us via email: or call us on 081 22 11 111 at any time, if you are interested in our services, so that we would be able to design a time & cost saving logistics solution for your valued consignments in to / from Namibia.